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Hodl Volunteers

What is it?

“Hodl Volunteers” is a specially formed volunteers team that helps Hodl Hodl grow.

What they do

Currently we request help in the following areas:

  • Translations of Hodl Hodl

As we continue to expand globally, we need help translating, proofreading, and improving existing texts on the exchange, as well as in our media posts.

  • Spread the word

Our philosophy is the best way to attract new customers is by word of mouth, from people who believe in our product (we are not asking to shill referral links).

  • Test and give early feedback for beta versions

We are working everyday to improve our product. From time to time, we would appreciate feedback as you would offer a fresh pair of eyes to look over our exchange, and we appreciate volunteers helping in testing complex features.

  • Give Hodl Hodl feedback and make market suggestions

We want everyone in the world to use Hodl Hodl. Some markets are unique in that they require a special approach, and we believe that Hodl Volunteers can help us grow in new markets.

Benefits of being a Hodl Volunteer

  • Discounted exchange fee
  • Discounts to our offline events
  • Special access to members of the Hodl Hodl team
  • Special gifts for Hodl Volunteers
  • Your feedback and suggestions will be a top priority for us
  • If you trade Bitcoin, we will help you find a counterparty as fast as possible

Who is eligible to apply and how to do so

Anyone can apply to join Hodl Volunteers, we especially welcome those who are passionate about Bitcoin and exchanges, and share Hodl Hodl’s values.