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P2P cryptocurrency exchange that doesn't hold funds

Sell between 1 and 394 USD worth of BTC at 3562.27 USD

Location: Anywhere | trader: kay-okon-bot
3562.27 USD
Payment window:
319 min.
Confirmations (BTC) required: 0
Contract type:
For contracts created from this offer, Hodl Hodl generates escrow that requires two keys to make a release - one key belongs to the seller, and one key is Hodl Hodl's.
2 out of 2

To be deposited:


Goes to the buyer:

0 BTC minus tx fee

Exchange fee:


Fiat exchange fee deduction:


Transaction fee (estimated):

0.00000546 BTC
Offer description: Consequatur quam aut. Laudantium quae aut ea eos. Sunt aspernatur qui ratione. Rerum eum quo.

Sit mollitia consequatur laborum voluptas nihil voluptas aut. Aspernatur vitae eveniet est tempora nostrum. Sit nihil dignissimos est voluptas iure modi. Nemo quo odit.

Atque sapiente at exercitationem sequi. Quod aut quo. Natus sit aut sint ratione rerum. Incidunt officiis rerum eaque et molestiae omnis aperiam.

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Average payment time:  N/A
Average release time:  N/A
Last trade:  334 days ago
trades: 8
high volume trades: 0
total trade volume: 0-0.5 BTC / 0-50 LTC
disputes resolved: 0
disputes won: 0
disputes lost: 0
disputes started: 0
disputes received: 0
disputes unresolved: 0
canceled contracts: 0

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(total vol.: 0-0.5 BTC)
Sit dolorem et sint illum. Fugit repudiandae possimus reprehenderit dignissimos ipsum est molestiae. Ea quaerat rerum. Aut voluptas delec...
(total vol.: 0-0.5 BTC)
Consequatur reprehenderit accusantium. Voluptatem et facere nulla cupiditate labore et. Tempora et est rem libero inventore ut fugiat. Ve...
(total vol.: 0-0.5 BTC)
Enim sed minima fuga et. Quod dolore ratione quaerat ut similique error. Et dicta neque dolor. Soluta omnis sit eos.

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